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Welcome to The Hereford Cattle Society 

The Hereford Cattle Society will be holding its autumn show and sale on Monday 14 October at Hereford market. Bulls, show females and for sale only females will be going through the ring from some of the Society's leading breeders.

The Society's annual dinner will be held the night before on Sunday 13 October at the Three Counties Hotel, Hereford. For tickets, contact Hereford House on 01432 272057 or beverley.turner@herefordcattle.org

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In light of the many problems that have beset the beef industry in recent years, in no small measure contributed to by the intensification of farming methods, it is the Hereford with it's unique ability of producing top quality beef naturally from grass and grass related products that can lead the way to a safer and more secure future for beef producers in this country.The modern attributes of Hereford Cattle, combined with those that have made the breed the cornerstone of the beef producing industry for so many years, make it the natural choice of quality beef producers. Hereford cattle have stood the test of time for well over 200 years and today offer tremendous opportunities to beef producers wishing to produce quality beef naturally and economically.  



Extensive, organic and economic methods of beef production are now without question key factors to a successful future and it is Hereford cattle that excel when bred and reared under such conditions producing naturally marbled beef, which is succulent and full of flavour.

Hereford beef is now acclaimed by many leading purveyors of quality beef from all over the world for its succulence and flavour meeting the demands of today's discerning customers.

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