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Superior carcase sire scheme

The Hereford Cattle Society operates the superior carcase sire scheme to improve carcase quality within the Hereford breed.

The scheme was launched in 2010, specifically to assist commercial producers in the selection of sires able to transmit improved carcase traits to their progeny and will offer up to £500 to purchasers of eligible bulls.

How to identify superior carcase sires

In order to streamline the efficiency of identifying bulls that qualify as superior carcase sires, a search programme has been developed and is available on the Society’s website.

Go the home page and select 'animal search' (green button at the top of the screen) the screen will then display, approximately half way down, a section called 'sire summary type'. Here you will need to click onto 'superior carcase sire'. By clicking onto this button only and then clicking 'search' a list of ALL qualifying sires will appear.

If you wish to select on a herd basis only, you will need to either include the herd prefix in the box entitled 'name' or the herd UK number in the box 'Hereford Cattle Society Id(s)'.

To view the criteria used to identify superior carcase sires click here.

To download a leaflet explaining how the scheme operates and how to make a claim for calves born to a superior carcase sire, click here.

Should you require any further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact the office.