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Hereford Beef Articles

Over the past two hundred years Hereford cattle have been exported to the four corners of the world, due to its reputation as a high class beef animal. From the pampas grasslands of Argentina to the vast prairies of North America Herefords have thrived, producing great tasting beef....

Hereford beef is chosen by some of the best restaurateurs and chefs around the world and it’s a firm family favourite too. Free from additives and growth hormones, Hereford Beef’s natural marbling ensures each and every dish is full of the most succulent flavours all the way through the meat.

As the Hairy Bikers remarked in their book - 'Food Tour of Britain', “Of all the mobile kitchen dishes we made, roast Hereford beef was the one people went most bonkers about! They loved it and rightly so – perfect beef” ~ “The taste is just amazing!”   

The True Roast Beef of Old England
If you are thinking of a joint of beef as a treat for Christmas forget the big black beasts from
Scotland that appear on our supermarket shelves in far larger quantity than are ever actually bred on our farms. Forget the breed that has been reared to conform to the modern day belief that fat is bad, lean is good. When you are looking for a really superb joint with lots of flavour it is worth seeking out Hereford beef.....
Pam Brunning, Editor Food & Wine International
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Butcher Tom Jones expresses his passion for Hereford Beef

Tom has been supplying Hereford beef to restaurants and butchers, primarily in London, for more than ten years and during this time its popularity has flourished. Find out how Tom's business has progressed thanks to the great taste of Hereford Beef. 
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"World Class" Hereford Beef - The preferred choice for Ramside Estate

John Adamson has one ambition for his family run hotels. It is to be simply the best. It was no surprise therefore when Ramside Estate decided to open Rib
Room steakhouses and grills in its two four star hotels that this included the beef on offer. After trying beef from both the UK and overseas, he decided that for
the Rib Rooms one beef stood out from the rest – pure Hereford grass fed beef hung for 28 days. John told his story to Neil Ryder – over a steak meal of course!
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Herefords at the heart of Britain's top Farm Shop
Newlyns Farm Shop is arguably the best in the UK.It’s recently been awarded Britain’s Best Local Food Retailer in the prestigious ‘Rural Oscars’run by the Countryside Alliance and has a string of other successes to its credit. Ann Hardy went to the shop in Hampshire to find out why the Hereford breed is at the heart of its success.
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Hereford Beef Wins the Best Food & Drink Product from Herefordshire
Hereford Beef came out on top at the The Flavours of Herefordshire Awards night, held at the atmospheric Lyde Court. The Awards ceremony was compered by Mark Edwards from Sunshine Radio.
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University of Bristol Beef trial
Finishers of traditional breeds of beef cattle, such as the Hereford, who graze their stock on natural pastures could be producing some of the healthiest beef in the UK – and it could earn them a significant market share if they capitalise on the findings of a five-year trial undertaken by Bristol University.
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Grass Fed Beef Has Human Health Bonus
BEEF cattle finished on grass, rather than cereals, offer consumers an important, potential health bonus.
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Hereford Beef wins Best steak in Wales
A Hereford Steak from Cwmcerrig Farm, has been awarded ‘Best Steak’ in Wales: The True Taste Food and Drink Awards.
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