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Bovine TB - Natural England badger licences & Defra consultation

Dear Stakeholder, 

Today Defra and Natural England (NE) have published several documents in relation to the animal disease bovine tuberculosis (bTB) on GOV.UK.  NE has published documents relating to the 2020 badger cull season, and Defra a consultation on a vaccination & culling buffer zone in the Edge Area of England. 

  • Buffer zones consultation – Defra is consulting on a proposal to manage the delivery of both vaccination and culling of badgers in the Edge Area of England especially where they adjoin. Our proposal aims to reduce the risk of culling vaccinated badgers balanced with ensuring that culling can proceed where applications meet the licensing requirements to ensure that progress is made towards disease eradication.  The consultation can be found at:

Thank you. 

Defra Bovine TB Programme