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Charmily Dispersal Sale - Thursday 6th September

The Charmily Herd of first class Pedigree Hereford cattle established in 2013, is to
be auctioned at Newcastle Emlyn Market on Thursday 6th September 2018. GJ &
EM Thomas offer their herd for dispersal following selling their farm. Potential
buyers will see some quality Herefords with some good genetics in their make up
and may bid with confidence. The breeding of the stock bulls used can be found at
the end of the lotted pages.

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TB TB Test clear 27.07.18
3 breeding bulls TB Test clear 11.08.18
Vaccination Herd vaccinated against BVD and Leptospirosis end of April 2018.

All calves vaccinated Rispoval 4 at approx. 10 days old.

PD Dates PD dates to be announced at time of sale.

The whole herd is Farm Assured

Conditions Of Sale The Livestock Auctioneers Association
General Conditions of Sale will apply.
Hauliers Local hauliers are available - Contact auctioneers for further information.

Payment Terms Strictly on day of sale.
Please contact auctioneers if unknown to them prior to sale day or purchasing.

Catering Facilities Refreshments will be available.

Sale Day Contacts Mark Burgoyne 07831 192603
Paul Taylor 07815 509504
Llyr Jones 07812 934964