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Herefords to feature in new BBC Four documentary

Tune into BBC Four next Thursday (13th December) at 8pm to watch the Ceredigion-based Aeron herd feature in the new television programme 'the secret life of animals'.

With a focus on farm animal behaviour, the programme was filmed in Wales over spring and early summer 2018 as the countryside awakened from winter. The animals on each farm were filmed using wildlife documentary techniques giving a beautiful new insight into life on some of Wales’s organic farms in spring.

One of the farms featured in the programme is Treberfedd Farm near Lampeter in Ceredigion. Over several weeks the crew filmed at the stunning location overlooking the Aeron Valley. The herd of traditional Hereford cattle is followed to look at cow families and how they interact. 

Elsewhere in the three-part series, the programme follows the first 12 weeks of the lives of a new born lamb, pig and calf. Hereford cattle are seen forming a social hierarchy in the herd, while a lonely goose searches for company and chickens are transalted to learn what they are really saying to each other in the hen house.