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The cream of the Northern Ireland Hereford Breeders' Association calves turned out in force to attend this years NIHBA UNITED Feeds Calf show at Dungannon. Richard Edwards from the mainland had the task of judging. Richard, who has spent his life around Herefords, is a well known cattle fitter and hoof trimmer, follows in the footsteps of his father Steve in judging such events.

Leading the way in the Male section was two Moeskaer Upgrade sons with judge Richard Edwards awarding the Grand Male Championship to Solpoll 1 Rival (pictured right), a September born calf whose dam is by Henry and out of a Dynamite cow. This is the fourth successive year that the Solpoll herd has claimed this award. Reserve Male went to Solpoll 1 Rudolph who was born on Christmas day out of a Dynamite dam and won the second bull calf class. Standing Reserve in the Junior Male Championship was the winner of the January & February born class Solpoll 1 Real Good, an ET son of NBG 697 The Wonderer and a daughter of Solpoll 1 Dainty N11 whose full brother Pounder sold to AI Services at 11 months old. To top the day off Rudolph and Real Good teamed up to win the Best Pairs in a very big class.

Peter Collins took the Junior Male Champion with Drumgold Finn with other class wins going to Mark Moore's Annaghbeg Fernando on the day.

Females were led by the Junior Champion Drumshambo 1 Journey (pictured left), this eye catching junior female shone on the day for Ethan and Gerry Small of Randalstown. This is the second success for the family as they claimed Junior Bull last year. The home bred heifer didn't stop their and went on to take Overall Female Champion showing that age doesn't come before beauty and is certainly one with future potential.

Reserve Grand female and Reserve Junior Female went to one of the youngest heifers Lisnaree 1 Ruby owned and bred by Marcus Murdock, another young heifer who was at home when it come to the show ring.

Senior Female went to Richmount 1 Ruby Royale who is owned and bred by James Graham, a female who is not unfamiliar to winning, was crowned Junior Female Champion at the National show in Omagh this year. Ciaran Kerr's heifer Kinnego 1 Rainbow showed her colours to take the Reserve Senior Female Championship back to Lurgan for the family.

Richard's partner Emma Smith, who runs UK Hereford Youth, judged the young handlers on the day. Emma, who has also been with cattle all her life, scrutinised the young handlers to before finally judging Ethan Carey-Small (pictured with Emma) as the Overall winner.


Supreme Male Champion
Solpoll 1 Rival J&W McMordie

Reserve Supreme Male
Solpoll 1 Rudolph J&W McMordie

Supreme Female Champion
Drumshambo 1 Journey J&G Small

Reserve Supreme Female
Lisnaree 1 Ruby Marcus Murdock

Senior Male Champion
Solpoll 1 Rival J&W McMordie

Reserve Senior Male
Solpoll 1 Rudolph J&W McMordie

Senior Female Champion
Richmount 1 Ruby Royale James Graham

Reserve Senior Female
Kinnego 1 Rainbow Ciaran Kerr

Junior Male Champion
Drumgold Finn Peter Collins

Reserve Junior Male
Solpoll 1 Real Good J&W McMordie

Junior Female Champion
Drumshambo 1 Journey J&G Small

Reserve Junior Female
Lisnaree 1 Ruby Marcus Murdock

Young Handle Champion
Ethan Small

Class results

Class 1 Bull Calf born 1/9/17-31/10/17
1) Solpoll 1 Rival J&W Mcmordie
2) Richmount 1 Red Rock James Graham
3) Kinnego 1 Rocket Man Ciaran Kerr
4) Nancy Beckham T Morton
5) Mountview 1 Genesis T&S Andrews
6) Richmount 1 Rockafella James Graham

Class 2 Bull born 1/11/17-31/12/17
1) Solpoll 1 Rudolph J&W Mcmordie
2) Holestone 1 Parapet Brian Mawhinney

Class 3 Bull born 1/1/28-28/2/18
1) Solpoll 1 Real Good J&W McMordie
2) Annaghbeg 1 Felix Mark Moore
3) Tamnabrady 1 General Derek McCrea
4) Castlepoll 1 Henry C&M Beatty

Class 4 Bull born 1/3/18-30/4/18
1) Drumgold 1 Finn Peter Collins
2) Kinnego 1 Rolex Ciaran Kerr
3) Annaghbeg 1 Ferdinand Mark Moore

Class 5 Bull born after 1/5/18
1) Annaghbeg Fernando Mark Moore
2) Carneyhill 1 Ribeye J&K Taggart
3) Lisnaree 1 Romeo Marcus Murdock
4) Umgola 1 Challenger Stephen Baxter
5) Nancy 1 Carson G&T Morton
6) Nancy Cooper G&T Morton

Class 6 Female born 1/9/17-31/10/17
1) Kinnego 1 Rainbow Ciaran Kerr
2) Drumshambo 1 Sparkles J&G Small
3) Holestone 1 Sadie Brian Mawhinney
4) Drumshambo 1 Tessa J&G Small
5) Mountview 1 Gelato T&S Andrews
6) Dorepoll 1 Classic Kim JE,RI&W Haire

Class 7 Female born 1/11/17-31/12/17
1) Richmount 1 Ruby Royale James Graham

Class 8 Female born 1/1/17-29/2/17
1) Drumshambo 1 Journey J&G Small
2) Dorepoll 1 Duchess JE,RI&W Haire
3) Richmount 1 Rosemunde James Graham
4) Richmount 1 Radio Gaga James Graham
5) Castlepoll 1 Molly 4th C&M Beatty

Class 9 Female born 1/3/18-30/4/18
1) Lisnaree 1 Ruby Marcus Murdock
2) Dorepoll 1 Sparkler 665 Stephen Cherry
3) Annaghbeg Flora X Mark Moore
4) Umgola Sabrina 2nd Stephen Baxter
5) Carneyhill 1 Emma 22nd J&K Taggart

Class 10 Female born after 1/5/18
1) Nancy Candie G&T Morton

Class 11 Pairs
1) J&W Mcmordie
2) J&G Small
3) Brian Mawhinney
4) Ciaran Kerr
5) James Graham
6) James Graham
7) Mark Moore

Class 12a Young Handler 12-14
1) Bradley Graham
2) Nathaniel Shaw
3) Jamie Bunting

Class 12b Young Handler 15-18
1) Ethan Small
2) John Andrews
3) Marcus Murdock
4) Corchannia Dorman
5) Emma McCrea

Sky High 1 Luscious Lucy from Boomer Birch and Graham Brindley, Stafford was tapped out as champion by judge Mark Ormondroyd at the Scottish Hereford Breeders' Association autumn calf show, hosted at Borderway Agri Expo. 

By Danish-bred Cogent bull SMH King Size 87K, this 13-month heifer’s dam is Romany 1 Lucy RE L21 which was privately purchased from the Wilson family, Kelso in 2014 as a 10-month calf and was one of the Sky High herd’s foundation females.

Winning its class at Burwarton Show and receiving a third placing at last year’s national poll show, Luscious Lucy is maternal sister to the record priced female and the 2017 national calf show champion Sky High 1 Lancôme Lucy - the dam’s only other progeny.

Mr Ormondroyd described the heifer as being ‘correct in every way’, with ‘great style’, saying it ‘will do brilliantly in the future’.

Pulham 1 Remitall from Philip and Laura Vincent, Pulham Market stood reserve, on its first time away from home. Also featuring Romany blood, its sire is Romany 1 Machine D1 M13 which was responsible for all three of the Vincents’ 2018 poll show entries.
Out of Solpoll 1 Starlet K15, this eight-month bull is entered into the Christmas calf show at Shrewsbury and will be looking for a new home.

Reserve male champion was Baldinnie 1 Chawa from John Cameron, Fife, having been placed earlier that morning in the October 2017 born bull class. By the popular Cogent sire Romany 1 Lawbreaker RE L23 which carries growth EBVs in the top 5 per cent, its dam is home-bred Baldinnie 1 Cathy 49th.

Normanton 1 Blue Leg 9th R287 from Tim and Will Livesey, Normanton-le-Heath took the reserve female title. Out of Llancillo Hall Bertha 7th, it is by the home-bred Normanton 1 Laertes which took the inter-breed show rings by storm in the summer of 2016.

Tom and Di Harrison took first place in the best pair by the same sire with two SMH Kingsize daughters – September 2017 born Moralee 1 Kylie KS R1 and 12-month Moralee 1 Kimberly KS R7. The latter also stood first place in its heifer class and they are both out of home-bred dams.

In the commercial calf class, Fluffy Moo from JRB Wilson, shown by 10-year-old Lottie Wilson took the red ticket. This striking five-month steer calf is by Romany 1 Nahum JN74, with a Shorthorn cross Highland dam and went on to be placed reserve in the baby beef native inter-breed championship.

In the junior young handlers’ classes, twelve-year-old James Anderson, representing Moralee Herefords came out on top, while Iona Smith, was placed first in the seniors.

Commercial heifer or steer born on or after 01/09/17
1 – Fluffy Moo, JRB Wilson and sons

Best pair by same sire
1 – s. SMH King Size 87K, T and D Harrison (Pictured below left)
2 – s. Normanton 1 Laertes, TD and WT Livesey
3 – s. Vokslev Lemmy, H Whittaker
Heifer born on or after 01/03/18
1 – Coley 1 Hasimara 430, H Whittaker
2 – Harveybros 1 Crocus Rose, G and S Harvey
3 – Burtondale 1 Rosie, B Birch and G Brindley

Heifer born between 01/11/17 and 31/12/17
1 – Moralee 1 Kimberley KS R7, T and D Harrison
2 – Romany 1 Lucy BL R38, JRB Wilson and sons
3 – Pulham 1 Hazel 14th, PRJ and LR Vincent

Heifer born between 01/01/18 and 28/02/18
1 – Auckvale 1 Curly 1725R, W and R Kemp
2 – Romany 1 Lucy BL R47, JRB Wilson and sons
3 – Coley 1 Lima 426, H Whittaker

Heifer born between 01/09/17 and 30/09/17
1 – Normanton 1 Blue Leg 9th R287, TD and WT Livesey
2 – Pulham Dowager 4th, PRJ and LR Vincent
3 – Moralee 1 Kylie KS R1, T and D Harrison

Heifer born between 01/10/17 and 31/10/17
1 – Sky High 1 Luscious Lucy, B Birch and G Birndley
2 – Baldinnie 1 Cathy 59th, JA Cameron and son
3 – Coley 1 Clara 418, H Whittaker

Bull born on or after 01/03/18
1 – Dendor 1 Rosco P. Coltrane, DE, ED and AL Jones
2 – Dendor 1 Rising Sun, DE, ED and AL Jones
3 – Fellowhills 1 Rob, J Hodge

Bull born between 01/11/17 and 28/02/18
1 – Pulham 1 Remitall, PRJ and LR Vincent
2- Harveybros 1 Rupert, G and S Harvey
3- Fabb 1 Redwood, DRA Fabb

Bull born between 01/09/17 and 30/09/17
1 – Moralee 1 Ribroom KS R4, T and D Harrison
2 – Normanton 1 Rodriguez, TD and WT Livesey
3 – Normanton 1 Reliabull, TD and WT Livesey

Bull born between 01/10/17 and 31/10/17
1 – Baldinnie 1 Chawa, JA Cameron and son
2 – Sky High 1 Rock-the-Boat, B Birch and G Brindley
3 – Moralee 1 Real Deal KS R5, T and D Harrison

To view more pictures from Agri-Expo Autumn Calf Show  CLICK HERE

It was a premier win for JRB Wilson & Sons, Kelso and his Romany herd to take the much anticipated national herd of the year title at the Hereford Cattle Society’s annual awards dinner.

Pictured right, from L to R, Master Judge Danny Wyllie, Lucy and Robert Wilson. 

Judged by Staffordshire-based Scotsman Danny Wyllie, the Romany herd was praised for its “uniformity, quality and its stock bulls.”

Mr Wyllie congratulated the regional entries for their standard of stock, particularly bulls and commented how tight the competition was between all the regional winners.

In second position in the national herd competition was Northern Ireland regional winner John Conlon, Co. Armagh, followed by the Welsh regional representatives, Aled and Jen Jones, Caersws.

Mr Wyllie added that after the top three herds the remaining five regional winners were all equal fourth, such was the standard across the UK.

Breed secretary David Deakin commented: “It’s reassuring to hear Danny’s positive comments on the eight regional finalists and to hear his views on how much the Hereford breed has improved over recent years. As a sound commercial farmer and well respected inter-breed judge, his comments will resonate across the beef industry.”

Also announced on the night was the bull of the year competition which saw Coley 1 Pilot from Miss H Whittaker receive the top honours. Second place was Gouldingpoll 1 Moonshine from Aled and Jen Jones who were also presented with the Hereford female of the year title with Dendor 1 Ruby 29.

Other major awards included:

Sire of the year: Barwise 1 Lancer – JRB Wilson & Sons (owner) and CS Fletcher (breeder)

Show herd of the year: Romany – JRB Wilson & Sons

Poll female of the year: Dendor 1 Ruby 29 – DE, ED & AL Jones

Poll bull of the year: Coley 1 Pilot – H Whittaker

Horned herd of the year: Highhedges – S Cowle

Horned female of the year: Bethanfield Lissette – B Hutchinson

Horned bull of the year: Haven Possum – EL Lewis & son

Hereford female of the year: Dendor 1 Ruby 29 – DE, ED & AL Jones

Hereford bull of the year: Coley 1 Pilot – H Whittaker

The female trade flew at the Hereford Cattle Society’s autumn show and sale, held at Hereford Market, with a new market record set for a Hereford female as Shraden 1 Alice P809 (pictured right) from MJ and HM Timmis, Baschurch reached 7,500gns, selling to JD Hodge, Berwick-Upon-Tweed. 

By Dendor 1 Knuckleduster and out of Shraden 1 Alice C198, this fine heifer also took the female championship in the pre-sale show. With the 2018 Royal Welsh Show female champion title also to its name, this March-2017 heifer sits in the top 5 per cent for retail beef yield and top 10 per cent for milk in the breed. 

Across the board, cattle forward cleared at a rate of 73 per cent, while show heifers cleared at 89 per cent, with an average price of £3,425.63. 

Selling at 3,100gns was Spartan 1 Amy from SC Hartwright, Abingdon, going home with Uel Shaw, Dungannon. This April 2017-born heifer is by Bosa 1 Hereward and out of Eldersfield 1 Amy K916 and after running with Bromley 1 Mystery, is due to calve in December. 

Not far behind at 3,000gns was Romany 1 Lucy K956 R16 from the Hereford Cattle Society’s national herd of the year – JRB Wilson and sons’ Kelso-based Romany herd. Its sire Fardre 1 Hi Hidalgo K956 was reserve senior champion at the 2017 Royal Highland Show. 

Pictured left is Solpoll 1 Stardust P16, one of two females which sold for 2,600gns from J & W McMordie.

Two heifers from J and W McMordie’s well-known Solpoll herd, Co. Down made 2,600gns and another from RJ Windsor, Nantwich was knocked down at the same price. 

Females not entered in the pre-sale show also saw strong demand with 94 per cent forward selling at an average price of £1,324.62. 

Moorside 1 Jacky 2nd, an April 2012-born cow from G and MC Shepherd led this section, realising 1,800gns, changing hands to W Milner, Much Wenlock. 

IC Markham, Castlethorpe also had a good run in this section, with females hitting 1,550gns, 1,350gns and 1,250gns on two occasions. 

Bulls met a more difficult trade, with breed secretary, David Deakin, saying this mirrored recent trends in pedigree cattle sales nationally.  

Prices peaked at 5,000gns for the day’s Junior Champion, Vexour 1 Phantom (pictured left) from Surrey-based J Boomaars, selling to RA Mitchell, Dorchester. This March 2017-born male is by Solpoll 1 Landmark and out of Romany 1 Mink A84 J22. 

Making 4,300gns was Barwise 1 Nabucco from Mrs CS Fletcher, Appleby-in-Westmorland, with a call from Hawkins Farming, Bosbury. Qualifying as a superior carcase sire, this 30-month bull has growth rates in the top 5 per cent of the breed, and retail beef yield and fertility in the top ten per cent. 

This summer’s Royal Welsh Show reserve champion, Rempstone 1 Eric V463 (pictured right) from M Ludgate, Thame secured 4,000gns and joins Michael Clark’s Lowesmoor herd near Tetbury. This February 2017-born male is by Hawkesbury 1 Vespa and out of a home-bred dam and stood reserve breed champion at this summer’s Royal Welsh Show. 

Another at 4,000gns was Panmure 1 Pudding from JM Cant and partners, Angus, purchased by TD and WT Livesey, Normanton-Le-Heath. This bull is by Dendor 1 Leota and out of Panmure 1 Plum F15.

Selling at 3,100gns was Cleland 1 Nelson from AE Nesbitt Farms, Hungerford, a 19-month bull by the Danish-bred bull, Moeskaer Keno 1222. Weighing in at 1055kg, it was bought by P Cobley, Stoney Stanton. 

Bulls cleared at 57 per cent, securing an average of £2,933.44 


8 show heifers, £3,425.63; 16 bulls, £2,933.44; 13 for sale only females, £1,324.62. 

Auctioneers: Brightwells

Joining the team at Hereford House, the Hereford Cattle Society have appointed Laura Bowyer as Marketing Manager.

After working as a livestock reporter for Farmers Guardian for three years, Laura has proven skills in communication and will strive to utilise these to promote the breed and its merits, both to producers and consumers.

She says: “I am excited to get my teeth into my new role with the Society and look forward to meeting as many members as possible, with the forthcoming Annual Dinner and Show and Sale posing a great opportunity for doing so.”
While at Farmers Guardian, Laura spent her time producing farm features and news stories, editing special supplements and reporting from shows and sales.

Laura lives on her family’s lowland beef and sheep farm in Monmouthshire, just over the border into South Wales, and in her spare time is a keen and active member of Usk Young Farmers Club, being the current Vice-Chairman.

David Deakin, Breed Secretary, commented that he was delighted to have Laura on board. He said that her media training and skill set would enable the Society to further develop its profile within the livestock industry and build on the Hereford Beef Brand.

Well done to the Society's Official Photographer Mr John Eveson in taking 1st Place for Photography in the People Section in the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists IFAJ - John Deere Star Prize for Photography, judged in the Netherland in July 2018.

The picture is of a competitor in the Young Handler's Competition at Staffordshire Show 2017.

Dendor 1 Nairobi bred and exhibited by DE, ED & AL Jones, Caersws, Powys took the honours at another well attended and supported National Poll Show, held in conjunction with Moreton in Marsh Show, Gloucestershire. He’s no stranger to success at this popular event, having taken the Junior Male Championship in 2016. Thirty month old ‘Nairobi’, out of Dendor 1 Molly 41st and by Lanscombe 1 Orkney has a good spread of EBV’s, with Eye Muscle Area and Intramuscular Fat figures in the Top 5% of the Breed.

Earlier in the day, Judge Jeff Thomas made Dendor I Nairobi his Senior and Grand Male Champion. Mr Thomas of Bollowal Devons, Cornwall, gave constructive comments and reasons after each class throughout a marathon stint of six and half hours of judging. He was impressed with the quality of the cattle before him and complimented the breeders on how much the Breed had improved over recent years – stating, ‘we Devon breeders had better watch out!’

In the Junior Male section it was DP Jones Agricultural Contracting, Coleshill, Birmingham, who came to the fore with 12 month old Maxstoke 1 Rambler. This promising young bull is out of Maxstoke 1 Heather and by Dendor 1 Juggernaut. In Reserve was 11 month old Sky High 1 Rock-the-Boat from B Birch and G Brindley, Weston, Staffordshire. Much to the delight of the Danish onlookers, ‘Rock-the-Boat’ is full of Danish breeding, out of Aland Irma and by SMH King Size 87K.

The Intermediate section was won by the much vaulted Coley 1 Pilot bred by Miss H Whittaker, Halifax, West Yorkshire. No stranger to success, ‘Pilot’ expertly shown by Pernille Winther Sorensen, came hot foot from winning the Overall Inter-breed Championship at Bucks County Show just a few days earlier. Twenty one month old ‘Pilot’, who has a great set of Performance Recorded figures, is out of Romany 1 Ishbel D1 M11 and by Coley 1 Maverick. Standing Reserve was 18 month old Kinglee 1 Panzer from P Cobley, Stoney Stanton, Leicestershire. Another bull with a good set of EBV’s, he has 200, 400 & 600 Day Weights and Scrotal Circumference all in the Top 5% for the Breed.

In the Senior section and standing Reserve to Dendor 1 Nairobi was another bull owned and exhibited by P Cobley, rising two year old Blakesley 1 Major. ‘Major’ who was the Grand Male Champion at the 2017 National Calf Show, is out of Show Champion Blakesley 1 Icicle and by the prolific Solpoll 1 Dynamite. He then followed ‘Nairobi’ all the way to the Reserve Grand Male Championship.

Moving on to the females, there was more success for P Cobley and his team, when his beautifully balanced, feminine heifer Kinglee 1 Polly 554 took the Intermediate and Grand Female Championships. Twenty three month old ‘Polly 554’, who is out of Kinglee 1 Polly 285 and by Panmure 1 Karl went on to be judged Reserve Supreme Champion by Mr Thomas. Standing Reserve in the Intermediate section was Dendor 1 Ruby 29th from DE, ED & AL Jones, this smart heifer is enjoying a marvellous show season with a string of red rosettes and Breed Championships. She is out Dendor 1 Ruby 17th and by thrice Sire of the Year Solpoll 1 Gilbert.

Taking the Junior Female Championship was yet another Pete Cobley animal, this time 12 month old Kinglee 1 Ebony 577. Another promising heifer by Panmure 1 Karl, she’s out of Kinglee 1 Ebony 298. ‘Ebony 577’ then went on to pip Junior Male Champion, Maxstoke 1 Rambler, for the Overall Junior Championship and with it the Hallwood Trophy. 

The Reserve Junior Female Championship went to T & D Harrison, Stocksfield, Northumberland with 12 month old Moralee 1 Kylie KS R1. Out of Moralee 1 Kylie, she’s by Danish bull SMH King Size 87K, bred by proud onlooker Jens Michael Jensen.


There were more red rosettes for team Moralee when Tom & Di Harrison took the Senior Female Championship with the much admired three year old cow Coley 1 Pippa 356 with her strong bull calf at foot. ‘Pippa 356’ is by Australian bred bull, Days Calibre G74 and out of former Female of the Year Frenchstone P. 1 Boo. Show stopper Coley 1 Pippa 356 then went on to take the Reserve Grand Female Championship behind Kinglee 1 Polly 554. 
Earlier in the day T & D Harrison were awarded the Blythebarn Trophy for the Best Group of Three by the Same Sire. To complete an excellent day for the Harrison’s they were presented with the Ted Hewitson Trophy for the Most Successful Herd on the Day!

Standing Reserve in the Senior Female Championship was Pebworth 1 Paloma from N & L Holdsworth, Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire. This attractive, well put together two year old female is out of Blakesley 1 Glamour and by Kinglee 1 Galaxy.
Finishing with a wonderful haul of trophies DE, ED & AL Jones, Dendor Herefords, were awarded the Diamond Jubilee Trophy for the Best Group of Three Animals to include both Sexes owned by the Exhibitor. 

In the third class of the show and taking the Nitram Trophy for the Best Pair of Animals were show veterans R & RI Shaw, Hallwood Herefords, South Wirral, Cheshire. A delighted Ian Shaw stated, “we’ve been coming to this show for many years and have won lots of trophies - but we’ve never won the Nitram Trophy before!

Dear All,

For those you who have not yet booked tickets for this year’s Annual Dinner please see attached information on the venue, date and time, plus a pro-forma menu which we would kindly ask that you complete by Monday 1st October.

For details and directions to the Three Counties Hotel please click the following link Three Counties Hotel

At the Annual Dinner we will have this year’s Herefords of the Year presentations plus results from the biennial National Hereford Herd of the Year. Master Judge of the National Herd of the Year Competition, Mr Danny Wyllie, will set out his reasons for his top three placings and will also provide feedback on the other five regional winning herds from across the UK.

Entertainment will be by hypnogician Kiegan Vallely from 7pm Kiegan Vallely

If requesting tickets please contact Beverley Turner on postroom@herefordcattle.org and Bev will arrange for tickets to be dispatched and invoices to be raised……

We look forward to seeing you on the 8th

With regards, 

David Deakin
Breed Secretary

The Charmily Herd of first class Pedigree Hereford cattle established in 2013, is to
be auctioned at Newcastle Emlyn Market on Thursday 6th September 2018. GJ &
EM Thomas offer their herd for dispersal following selling their farm. Potential
buyers will see some quality Herefords with some good genetics in their make up
and may bid with confidence. The breeding of the stock bulls used can be found at
the end of the lotted pages.

Click Here for the CATALOGUE

TB TB Test clear 27.07.18
3 breeding bulls TB Test clear 11.08.18
Vaccination Herd vaccinated against BVD and Leptospirosis end of April 2018.

All calves vaccinated Rispoval 4 at approx. 10 days old.

PD Dates PD dates to be announced at time of sale.

The whole herd is Farm Assured

Conditions Of Sale The Livestock Auctioneers Association
General Conditions of Sale will apply.
Hauliers Local hauliers are available - Contact auctioneers for further information.

Payment Terms Strictly on day of sale.
Please contact auctioneers if unknown to them prior to sale day or purchasing.

Catering Facilities Refreshments will be available.

Sale Day Contacts Mark Burgoyne 07831 192603
Paul Taylor 07815 509504
Llyr Jones 07812 934964

Quality samples are the key to getting good DNA from your cattle. Samples which fail initial quality control checks at the DNA isolation step of the process, do not get processed and a new sample is requested. 

Weatherbys accept hair samples but have highlighted that ear tissue samples have a higher success rate. At present the failure rates for samples are as follows: 5%-8% for hair samples and 1% to 1.5% for ear notch samples.

If tissue samples are taken then they should be stored frozen, whereas hair samples should be contained in a sealed bag with the air expelled and stored at room temperature. 

A quality sample of hair is taken from the tail and has the follicle, or root, still attached to it. Tail hair is preferable to coat hair due to the size of the root ball that is extracted from the tail versus the coat. The sample must NOT be excessively dirty and must contain 40-60 hair follicles.

Gather hairs and grasp them tightly as close to the skin as possible with hands or pliers. As an animal gets older the hairs become harder to remove so the use of pliers often aids in removal. Pull the hair slowly and firmly away from the tail making sure to get the roots.

Taking a good sample for Sire/Parentage Verification and Genetic Defect testing is paramount as it will save you time and money – a charge will be incurred even if Weatherbys are unable to successfully achieve a result due to the submitted hair samples not carrying sufficient roots/follicles or being contaminated. Samples which don’t meet Weatherbys threshold standards will be requested for a repeat sample if results are to be determined.
Any repeat samples will also incur an additional charge.

It is therefore extremely important that you ensure that the samples collected are carefully plucked with sufficient roots/follicles attached and are not cut.

It is also important to ensure that the samples are in no way contaminated or cross contaminated with any hairs of a different animal.

Another area where care should be taken is when an animal is shedding its hair. Shed hair does not normally include live roots/follicles and so will have degraded DNA, so again, please ensure plucked hairs carry enough roots/follicles needed to complete the test successfully.

In summary:
Hair samples which pass through DNA isolation and are tested can fail for a number of reasons:

  • Poor/insufficient hair follicles
  • Wet or dirty hair samples
  • Hair samples taken from a dead animal
  • Substance on hair sample which inhibits testing such as sprays, detergents of other cleaning agents 

Tissue Sample which pass through DNA isolation and are tested can fail for a number of reasons:

  • Tissue which has not been stored correctly or spent too long at room temperature; degrading the quality of DNA
  • Another cause for samples to underperform is a contamination occurring at sampling causing less reliable results. 

1.)   Gather 40-60 hairs and grasp them tightly as close to the skin as possible with hands or pliers. As an animal gets older the hairs become harder to remove so the use of pliers often aids in removal (see below). 

2.)   Pull the hair slowly and firmly away from the tail making sure to get the roots.  

3.)   Place the hairs into the resealable bag provided and seal the bag tightly.
Please only put one animal sample in each bag.

4.)   Samples should be placed in the provided bag, sealed and sent immediately to the Hereford Cattle Society in the accompanying addressed envelope avoiding prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

By Emma Smith UKHY Co-ordinator

Eleven youth members were bright eyed and bushy tailed when first arriving into Northern Ireland, with some travelling the night before and some early that morning, to attend to first UKHY workshop organised in Northern Ireland.

The McMordie family kindly offered to host for the day by providing an abundance of cattle, shed space to work in and food for all attendees. The day kicked off in usual style by an introduction. A total of twenty-six young people were in attendance, so it was a quick introduction into the format of the day and then onto proceedings. Each young member was split into a specific age group and then ushered off to their first activity, which was either clipping or dressing. Due to the enthusiasm of everyone taking part the first workshop ran over - a first ever! So, a quick change to the day’s agenda, saw us back on track for the feed identification test and an informative discussion on raw feed materials and how they relate to cow health. During lunch it was pleasing to see everyone sharing notes on the mornings activites.

We kicked off after lunch by everyone guessing the weight of a yearling bull – some were close and some were not so close! The groups then swapped trainers and completed their second activity of the day. Finally, we ended on a young handler demonstration and competition. Throughout the day a secret judge was assessing their skills, enthusiasm and knowledge, with the winners being announced at the Northern Irish Hereford Breeders’ Herd Competition presentation evening.

Food, laughter and awards were the order of the night. It was a great opportunity for the young members to network with not only their peers but breeders and farmers alike. We witnessed some excellent Irish music, some ‘interesting’ dancing (and that was from one of the UKHY team!) plus all the prize giving for the NIHBA Herd Competition. However, our prize giving took a slot on the main stage too, taking the first prize of a ticket to the British Cattle Breeders’ Conference to be held in January 2019 was Overall Winner Drew Ritchie from Scotland. The Overall Young Handler winner was Emma McCrea from Northern Ireland and she took home a £50 merchandise voucher to spend with items supplied through HQ at Hereford House.

Saturday saw us back at Solpoll for a bit of stock judging. Robert Clarke from the Shadwell herd, and who had been the herd competition judge that week, kindly offered to give some pointers and let everyone have a go. We finished the visit off with a lengthy walk of the well known award winning Solpoll herd. Then it was back onto the minibus for a scenic drive down to Des Kelly’s Mullin herd. The guys were presented with another stock judging task – but with a twist! Des asked young member Josh Dowbiggin to be the master judge. Their job was to select the cattle they least wanted in their herd and to select a bull for commercial use. It certainly got the brain ticking! The Overall Winner was Matthew Rollason with Ollie Garnett-Smith coming a close second. 

Our third and final day had an early start, with a two-and-a-half-hour trip down to Tullamore Show, where we had to be in the ring ready to go at 9.45am. The first class was the Junior section with our two youngest members taking part. There were eleven young handlers taking part with the judge putting them through their paces. When two UKHY Members were pulled in, Imogen Edwards taking first place and Ollie Garnett-Smith taking second, followed by Bradley Graham taking fourth - they had set the standard for the Seniors! The pressure was well and truly on……but there was no need to worry, as the same with the Junior class, a strong entry but our guys took a massive 1st Will Awan, 2nd Harvey Cloke, 3rd Isla Soutter and 4th Iona Smith, with Drew Ritchie taking 6th, Ellis Parry in 7th and Joshua Matthews in 8th place. What an achievement to finish the weekend off. The skill and patience that all our young members displayed in the ring was an absolute credit to them all. They’d never seen the animals before but they all handled themselves and the cattle well. To say that I had a ‘proud mum’ moment would be the understatement of the year! 

UK Hereford Youth would like to thank all breeders, trainers, helpers and everyone else from Northern and Southern Ireland for making everyone feel so welcome and providing some insight into life and Herefords across Ireland – THANK YOU!

The winning herds below will now go forward to be judged by Master Judge Mr Danny Wyllie over the next few weeks - with the top three herds being announced at the Annual Dinner on Monday 8th October 2018.

Area Winning Herd

Midlands & East Anglia - P.R.J. & L.R. Vincent, White House Farm,
Coles Common, Pulham Market, Diss,
Norfolk, IP21 4XT.
Tel: 01379 676906 – Mob: 07771 697866
Secretary: Alan Pittam Tel: 01788 890702 – Mob: 07747 866078

North of England - Mr. & Mrs. D. Kelly, Nether Hall, Mansergh,
Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria, LA6 2EW.
Tel: 01524 273927 – Mob: 07808 050030
Secretary: Jackie Cooper Mob: 07960 994376

Northern Ireland - Mr. J. Conlon, 27 Gosford Road, Markethill,
Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland, BT60 1QD.
Tel: 02837 551488 – Mob: 07753 471873
Secretary: Ivan Haire Tel: 02890 825215 - Mob: 07887 675649

Scottish Hereford Breeders - J.R.B. Wilson & Sons, Cowbog, Kelso,
Roxburghshire, TD5 8EH.
Tel: 01573 440273 – Mob: 07980 253496
Secretary: Pauline Wason Tel: 01592 881740 – Mob: 07855 237474

South of England - Mr. M.J. Clark, Lowesmoor Farms Ltd.,
Bankside House, Lowesmoor, Cherington,
Tetbury, Gloucestershire, GL8 8SP.
Tel: 01285 760427 – Mob: 07929 637573
Secretary: Emma Smith Mob: 07772 495913

South West - Mr. J.D. Moorhouse, James Barton Farm Office,
Vellow Road, Stogumber, Taunton, Somerset,
TA4 3TL.
Tel: 01984 656292 – Mob: 07714 104692
Secretary: Angela Kerslake Tel: 01884 849121 – Mob: 07973 452403

Wales - D.., E.D. & A.L. Jones, Gwastadgoed,
Llanwnog, Caersws, Powys., SY17 5NZ
Tel: 01686 688266 – Mob: 07974 416527
Sec. Powys: Glenn Pritchard Mob: 07903 021680

West Midlands - M.J. & H.M. Timmis, Moor Farm,
Ruyton Road, Baschurch, Shrewsbury,
Shropshire, SY4 2BA.
Tel: 01939 260261 – Mob: 07773 436481
Secretary: Alison Allman Tel: 01432 880027 – Mob: 07860 308599



Coley 1 Pilot (pictured left) bred and exhibited by Miss H Whittaker, Halifax, West Yorkshire took the Breed Championship at the Scottish National Show held at Dumfries. ‘Pilot’ brought out and shown by farm manager Andrew Hughes had earlier been awarded the Grand and Senior Male Championships by Judge Mr William Livesey, Normanton Herefords, Leicestershire.

The Reserve Supreme award went to Grand and Junior Female Champion, nine month old Romany 1 Lucy BL R38 (pictured below right) bred by JRB Wilson & Sons, Kelso, she’s sired by Barwise 1 Lancer and out of Romany 1 Lucy A84 J57.

It was a very successful day for Romany Herefords securing five first prizes and four second prizes as well as Junior & Reserve Overall Male with Romany 1 Primetime BL P62, Reserve Junior Male with Romany 1 Romeo BL R7 and Senior Female with Romany 1 Lucy A84 J57. They were also awarded the Best Pair of Animals to boot!

Other Scottish Breeders’ making the journey down to Dumfries also enjoyed a successful show - there was a first prize for Harvey Brothers, Balfron, Galsgow with the heifer Harveybros 1 Crocus P5, picking up a red rosette was JA Cameron & Son, Leven, Fife with their heifer Baldinnie 1 Dom Lass 21st. It was a blue rosette day for Gavin Dunbar, Strathaven, Lanarkshire with a second prize for his homebred bull Drumboy 1 Paolo 881. Finally, W, P & K Wason, Lochgelly, Fife took second place with their homebred bull Saltire 1 Predator who also picked up the Reserve Senior Male award.

There was very good support from the North of England Hereford Breeders’ too and they were rewarded with several wins. T & D Harrison, Moralee Herefords, Stocksfield, Northumberland enjoyed success with the Best Group of Three and the Best Group of Three bred by the Same Sire – SMH Kingsize, as well as their homebred nine month old heifer Moralee 1 Kimberley KS R7 being awarded the Reserve Junior Female and Reserve Overall Female titles. There was also a first prize for Mr & Mrs H Elliott, with Cornriggs 1 Julia 4th, and a second prize rosette for G & MC Shepherd with Moorside 1 Jane 8th.

The Young Handlers Classes were kindly sponsored once again by Mr David Gillon. The Junior Young Handler Competition was won by Miss Lottie Wilson (pictured far right with Katie Wason) and , Romany Herefords with Miss Katie Wason of Saltire Herefords in second place.

The Senior Handlers was won by Miss Beth Harvey, Harveybros Herefords with Drew Ritchie in second and Miss Iona Smith in third.

Breed stalwarts R & M Borwick, Preston Deanery, Northamptonshire took the Supreme Championship with his Grand & Intermediate Champion bull, Mara President (pictured right). It was the first time Bob and Margaret had picked up the coveted award since 1986 when they took the title with Prestone Boxer.

Fifteen month old ‘President’ who is out of Mara Blossom 43rd and by Clipston Top Drawer T4 was one of a number of bulls purchased at the show, he will be making the short journey to join the well known Haven herd owned by EL Lewis & Son, Dilwyn, Herefordshire. Other prize winning animals were snapped up, some, by Irish Hereford breeders from both north and south of Emerald Isle.

Standing Reserve to ‘President’ was Grand & Intermediate Female Champion Bethanfield Lisette (left) from first time exhibitor, Ms B Hutchinson, Billingham, Cleveland. Eighteen month old ‘Lisette’ is out of Fourstones Lisette 285 and by Auckvale Monument 1436M.

Judge Mrs Pat Stanley, a renowned Longhorn breeder from Leicestershire, stated, “I would love to take home the Grand Male and Female Champions – they are so correct, well balanced and a credit to the Hereford breed, what good beef farmer wouldn’t want them?”
The day commenced with the Breedplan Performance Recorded Class judged by Mervyn Thomas, cousin of longtime ring Steward and former Hereford Breed President Robert Thomas. Taking the Performance Class and with it the Westaway Cup was two year old Haven Possum from EL Lewis & Son, with Pulham Providence from PRJ & LR Vincent, Diss, Norfolk in Reserve. ‘Possum’ is by Australian sire Mawarra After Shock and out of Haven Splendour 25th.

However, PRJ & LR Vincent went one better when they picked up the Geoff Thomas Perpetual Challenge Cup for the Best Pair of Calves, with Mrs S Cowle, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire in Reserve.

In the Best Group of Three Animals bred by an Exhibitor it was R & M Borwick who came to the fore with local breeder RA Bradstock & Partners, Free Town Herefords, Tarrington, Herefordshire in second place.

The female section commenced with the Senior Cow Class and for the third successive year, W & R Kemp & Sons took home the Sid Wright Memorial Trophy with joint 2017 Horned Female of the Year Auckvale Lively 1058H and her calf at foot, with Mrs S Cowle in Reserve with HighHedges Blossom 6-13. Prolific, seven year old ‘Lively 1058H’ is out of Auckvale Lively Lucinda and by Auckvale Broadside. Five year old HighHedges Blossom 6-13, a former National Show Junior Champion, is all Mara breeding, out of Mara Blossom 38th and by Mara Epic.

Standing Reserve to Bethanfield Lisette in the Intermediate section was sixteen month old Sparkwood Blossom 19th from Mrs L Jackson, Tring, Hertfordshire. Out of Sparkwood Blossom 12th, she’s another animal by the excellent Clipston Top Drawer T4.
Completing the female awards, in the Junior category it was PRJ & LR Vincent who came out on top with 10 month old Pulham Pansy 15th (right), out of Clipston Pansy R2 and by Moyclare Malcolm. Later in the show Judge Pat Stanley made this attractive young female her Reserve Grand Female Champion. Standing Reserve to ‘Pansy 15th’ was 11 month old HighHedges Diadem 5-17 from Mrs S Cowle, she’s out of HighHedges Diadem 3-15 and by Free Town Martyr.

Free Town Nevada from RA Bradstock & Partners took the first piece of silverware in the bull classes when he was awarded the Charles Mackaness Perpetual Cup in the Senior Bull Class. Twenty seven month old ‘Nevada’ is out of Free Town Peace 5th and by the prolific Mara Humorous. In Reserve was five year old Moyclare Malcolm from Messrs Spooner, Leek, Staffordshire. ‘Malcom’ bred by M Molloy, is out of Moyclare Ursula 4th and by Brocca Saviour.

In the Intermediate category and standing Reserve to Mara President, was Sparkwood Tinkerman from Mrs L Jackson. Eighteen month old ‘Tinkerman’, out of Sparkwood Blossom 10th is another by a Mara sire, this time, Mara Kilamanjaro. What a marvellous day it was for R & M Borwick, not only in taking the Overall Championship but also in seeing so many award winning animals with Mara bloodlines in them – well done Bob and Margaret!

To complete the days judging, Mrs Stanley made HighHedges Rich Reward (pictured left), from Mrs S Cowle, both her Junior Male and Reserve Grand Male Champion. Out of Lowergrove Blossom and by Free Town Martyr, this latest accolade helped Mrs Sarah Cowle to collect not only the Betty Lane Trophy for the Most successful Exhibitor in the Heifer and Bull Calf Classes but also to pick-up the George Davies trophy for the Herd Gaining the Most Points on the Day. Finishing in Reserve to ‘Rich Reward’ was AR Owen, Church Stretton, Shropshire with 11 month old Church Preen Rasqual, who’s out of Church Preen Lindy Loo JO33 and by Haven Koala.

The day’s event finished with a Young Handler Competition split into three age groups; Senior, Intermediate and Junior, for guest Judge Steve Edwards to preside over. In the Senior Class it was Matt Taylor who picked up the red rosette from Bethan Hutchinson in second place. In the Intermediate section there was more success for serial winner Harriet Froud, much to the delight of long serving show organiser Michael Church, with Hannah Murrell in Reserve.

Judged in top spot in the Junior class and taking the Overall award was Oscar Chandler (pictured with Richard Mann right), who was presented with the Thornhill Plate and the Dendor Showstick by retiring National Hereford Club Chairman, Richard Mann. Oscar has a good pedigree with both his grandfather Mike and father Mark exhibiting many Champions at the National Show over the past 20 years.

Later Richard was presented with a beautifully carved shepherd’s crook by the President of The National Hereford Club (NHC), Cllr Michael Hammon, in recognition of his fifteen years as Club Chairman.

The NHC would also like to thank the numerous sponsors including Dunbia, Brightwells Auctioneers and main sponsor Massey Ferguson, without doubt their continued support makes the show the spectacle that it is today.

The NHC would also like to thank Moocall for making the generous donation of a MoocallHEAT package which in turn was offered in a Silent Auction with all proceeds going to the Club.

Pictured, from L to R, are Catherine and Padraig McGrath being presented with their MoocallHEAT pack from UK Sales Manager Sue Corbett.  

Overall Junior Inter-breed Beef Champion Sponsored by Coleg Cambria

Seventeen month old Gouldingpoll 1 Moonshine took the Native and then Overall Junior Inter-breed Beef Championships at a highly competitive Royal Welsh Show.
Proceedings were interrupted when Prime Minister Theresa May made a surprise visit into the cattle judging rings. After asking Inter-breed Judge David Jones what he was looking for in a good beef animal and stating that it must be a very difficult job to compare different breeds of high quality, David tapped out his Champion.
‘Moonshine’, who is out of Romany 1 Lucy A84 F26 and by Gouldingpoll 1 Captain, has a good set of Performance Recorded figures - with his 200, 400 & 600 Day Weights and Eye Muscle Area all in the Top 10% for the Breed.

Junior Heifer Inter-breed Championship - Sponsored by Nettex, a division of Rumenco.

The Hereford Grand Female Champion, 16 month old Shraden 1 Alice P809 bred and exhibited by MJ & HM Timmis, Baschurch, Shropshire took the Reserve Native Inter-breed Championship under the watchful eye of Judge Gareth James.
Out of Shraden 1 Alice C198 and by Dendor 1 Knuckleduster, she’s another animal with a good set of EBVs with her 200 Day Wt in the Top 10% and Eye Muscle Area and Retail Beef Yield in the Top 5% for the Breed.

Fitzhugh Championship – Inter-breed Best Pair of Beef Animals – Sponsored by HSBC

Gouldingpoll 1 Moonshine and stablemate Dendor 1 Ruby 29th paired up to compete in the prestigious Fitzhugh Championship – and what a great pair they were – taking the Overall Championship in front of thousands of onlookers around the ring. ‘Ruby 29th’ is another top female out of the Ruby bloodline this time out of Dendor 1 Ruby 17th and is by current Hereford Sire of the Year, Solpoll 1 Gilbert. Inter-breed Judge David Jones, stated “as a former Hereford breeder, I was reluctant to give to the Hereford because of my connection with the breed - but I had no choice - they were a so well matched pair, correct in every way, a great credit to the breed.”

Marks & Spencer Native Inter-breed Group of Three

Gouldingpoll 1 Moonshine and Dendor 1 Ruby 29th then teamed up with 21 month old Glenvale 1 Polly 617 from TG, EI & EN Thorne, Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire to take the Reserve Native Inter-breed Group of Three. ‘Polly 617’ is out of Glenvale 1 Polly 387 and by Dendor 1 Ledley.

The Native Group of Three is one of the breed’s favourite competitions having had many successes over recent years. Judge Richard Rettie commented afterwards that the animals were “a credit to the breed and only just missed out on the top spot.”

Marks & Spencer Young Cattle Handlers Inter-breed Beef Competition

Iona Smith originally from Scotland but now based in Northumberland was judged the Best Overall Young Handler after first winning the Senior section 16-19 years of age. Iona, a protégé of UK Hereford Youth and competing for the first time at the Royal Welsh, caught the eye of Judge Carol Rettie from the moment she stepped into the ring – Carol was impressed with her “calm control, attention to detail and knowledge of the animal.” Iona commented afterwards that she was delighted to have won such a prestigious competition, given the calibre of her fellow competitors and the history of the show.

Best Inter-breed Beef Breed Display

Tom & Diane Harrison, Moralee Herefords, Stocksfield, Northumberland, first time exhibitors at the Royal Welsh Show were awarded third place in the Best Breed Display in the Cattle Lines. The Judge commented that the new Moralee branding was strong, clean, crisp and unmistakable. He was also impressed that the Moralee brand ran throughout, from clothing to show box and from banners to leaflets. Well done Tom & Di!