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National Hereford Club welcomes Nick Hewer to president's seat

At the National Hereford Club's AGM, club members were delighted to vote TV star Nick Hewer in as president.

Known for appearances on The Apprentice, and more recently Coutndown, Nick is a descendant of the famous Hewer family which was influential during the establishment of the breed. The Hewers have to take most of the credit for the distinctive white faced Hereford which was successful not because of facial colour, but because Hewer-bred cattle were amongst the best around at the time.

After a successful AGM and tremendous roast Free Town beef dinner at the Verzon House Hotel, members and friends of the Club travelled a short distance to Free Town for an afternoon's herd visit. Here, the Club viewed some quality cattle in the sunshine followed by a cup of tea and cake, kindly provided by the Bradstock family.