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No stopping Sky High Herefords at the National Calf Show!

Boomer Birch and Graham Brindley from Weston, Staffordshire have enjoyed a marvellous summer showing season, culminating in their star cow Dendor 1 Jennefer 15th collecting her second Hereford Female of the Year Award - continued their rich vein of success by taking the Supreme Hereford Championship at the National Calf Show held at Cirencester Market.

The oldest heifer in the show at almost 15 months of age, Sky High 1 Lancome Lucy (pictured right) took the Senior & Grand Female Championships before going on to take the Supreme Championship. English born “Lancome Lucy” has a good pedigree on both sides, she’s out of Scottish bred Romany 1 Lucy RE L21 and by Welsh sire Dendor 1 Murdock. This powerfully built but feminine looking female also boasts a great set of Performance Recorded figures with her 200 and 400 Day Weights, Eye Muscle Area, Retail Beef Yield and Terminal Sire Index in the top 5% of the Breed. Sky High Herefords also picked up another first prize rosette, this time with 10 month old bull calf Sky High 1 Pablo Escobar. He's by the 2016 Hereford Bull of the Year, Normanton 1 Laertes and by current Female of the Year Dendor 1 Jennefer 15th and went on to take the Reserve Junior Male Championship.

Standing Reserve to Sky High 1 Lancome Lucy in the Grand & Senior Female Championships was Normanton 1 Jurana 14th P612 (pictured left) from TD & WT Livesey, Normanton le Heath, Leicestershire. This attractive female, out of Hillrow 1 Jemima B9, is another calf by the much admired Normanton 1 Laertes. Earlier in the day Normanton Herefords took the Best Pair of Heifer Calves owned by the Exhibitor with TG, EI & EN Thorne, Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire in Reserve.

David Sapsed, Heathbrow Simmentals, Hertfordshire who judged the female classes, made Lowesmoor 1 Beauty 1117 from local breeder, MJ Clark, Tetbury, Gloucestershire his Junior Female Champion. Nine month old “Beauty 1117”, who is out of Ford Abbey 1 Beauty and by Bosa 1 Hereward, is another animal to display top Performance Recorded Figures, a pattern which was eveident throughout the Summer show season. She not only has a 400 and 600 Day Weight, Terminal Sire and Self Replacing Indexes in the Top 1% of the Breed, she also has the Top Value figure of +20 for 200 Day Milk. MJ Clark also collected a red ticket in the first class of the day in the Best Group of Three Calves by the Same Sire, with three top calves by Bosa 1 Hereward, including Lowesmoor 1 Beauty 1117, in Reserve was Mrs I Jennings, Ilminster, Somerset with three calves by Appleridge 1 Leo.

However Mrs I Jennings, Cornbel Herefords, went one better in the Best Pair of Bull Calves owned by the Exhibitor when she took first place, with MJ Clark in Reserve.

Taking the Reserve Junior Female title was Blakesley 1 Nancy from J Riley. Superbly shown by Edward Thompson, she’s the latest in a long line of top Blakesley females to attract the attention of a judge. Eight month old “Nancy” is out of Blakesley 1 Kathleen and by Aland Leopold.

Judging the male classes was Mr Jeff Thomas, Bollowal Ruby Red Devons, Cornwall, who made Blakesley 1 Major, (pictured right) owned and exhibited by P Cobley, Stoney Stanton, Leicestershire his Senior & Grand Male Champion. Eleven month old “Major”, is out of successful show stopper Blakesley 1 Icicle and by thrice Royal Ulster Show Champion Solpoll 1 Dynamite. Later in the day both Judges combined to choose their Supreme and Reserve Supreme Champions with “Major” taking the Reserve Supreme Championship behind “Lancome Lucy”.

Standing Reserve in the Senior Male Championship was another animal owned by P Cobley, this time homebred, Kinglee 1 President. This promising thirteen month old bull calf is out of Kinglee 1 Ebony 298 and by Panmure 1 Karl.

In the Junior Male Section, it was Studdolph 1 Bale (pictured left) from Miss EN Thorne, Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire who came to the fore. Seven month old “Bale”, who is out of Studdolph 1 Vogue 495 and by Dendor 1 Ledley, is another animal with good Performance Recorded Figures, having a 200, 400 & 600 Day Weight in the Top 5% of the Breed. To complete a successful day for Miss Thorne, “Bale” went on to take the Reserve Grand Male Championship.