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Travel Bursary

The World Hereford Conference is being held in New Zealand in 2020 and UKHY has been invited to provide a team to participate in the young breeders competition.

Council are offering each of the four successful applicants a bursary of £1,500 to travel and compete at the Conference. Over the next few months council will be formulating a selection process and details will be distributed to all eligible members.

An application form can be found here.

Entrants must be aged 18 to 30 and a team of four will be selected over the course of the next few months. Not only is it a great opportunity to participate in an international event representing the country, but there will be the option of tours, stud visits and experiencing the ‘kiwi’ way of life.

Any young member interested must be:
• Aged 18 to 30
• A paid-up UKHY member
• Be keen to learn and have a sense of professionalism

There will be a series of events during 2019 including workshops and interviews to select the most competitive team.

Candidates should be able to demonstrate:
• The confidence and maturity to be a good ambassador for UK Herefords
• Understanding of the Hereford strengths and characteristics (the brand values)
• Understanding of livestock husbandry
• Competence in handling and show presentation
• Understanding of breeding programmes, tailored to the supply chain and market requirements
• Commitment and involvement to UK Hereford Youth
• The ability/potential to disseminate and apply the messages from New Zealand in their own herds (or those of which they are associated) and to communicate to the wider membership

Once selected, there will be further targeted training and assistance to fully prepare the candidates. UKHY will also be looking for sponsorship and lots of support for any fundraising activities. Please keep an eye on Facebook and on this website for further details.

For full details on the selection process, click here.

For further information about the World Hereford Conference, click here.